Our Services

Capital Raising

We act as the Issue Manager for IPOs, Financial Adviser for RTOs and Rights Issue Manager for Rights Issues and Placement Manager for Placement exercises where these equity securities are to be listed on the SGX-ST.

Our team has the capability and experience to execute these capital raising exercises diligently and effectively. To ensure consistent quality of our work and services to our client, each of our corporate finance projects is closely supervised by our senior management.

Clients have direct access to our senior management. Our senior management has a good understanding of the clients and their projects as they adopt a hands-on approach to each of the projects. As a result, if and when any issues arise, they are resolved promptly so that the projects are completed effectively and efficiently to meet the client's objectives.

We provide corporate finance inputs to clients that are relevant in their strategic planning and decision making when seeking a listing or fund raising exercise, across a wide range of industries and for clients who are located in Singapore as well as overseas.


Our team provides expert, conflict free strategic and tactical advice and opinions to our listed clients on some of their most complex and strategic decisions and transactions and deliver execution of the highest quality to them.

We are licensed to act as the Financial Adviser or Independent Financial Adviser ("IFA") in a wide range of corporate actions.

As a boutique corporate finance firm, in view of our independence and established track record, we are uniquely qualified to act as the IFA for many corporate transactions that require the advice of an IFA including:

  • general takeover offers
  • interested person transactions
  • whitewash waivers
  • major acquisitions and disposals
  • corporate restructurings
  • voluntary delisting and exit offers
  • privatisations
  • scheme of arrangements

Continuing Sponsorship

As a Continuing Sponsor, we are authorised to:

  1. advise Catalist listed companies on their corporate actions; and
  2. act as their Sponsor.

Many of our advisory services to these Catalist listed companies are similar in nature to those provided to Main Board listed companies.

Before we agree to act as the Sponsor to a Catalist listed company, we will conduct our detailed due diligence process. Once on-board, we will seek to understand and work with the Board and management of our sponsored companies to bring their vision to fruition in compliance with the Catalist rules.

Our registered professionals are supported by a team of compliance officers, to ensure our sponsored client's needs are attended to promptly and efficiently.