About Us

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Provenance Capital is a Singapore based boutique corporate finance firm licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide corporate finance advisory services to companies aspiring to list and companies listed on the Main Board and Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange ("SGX-ST"). We also advise on, among others, corporate actions by these listed companies in relation to the rules and regulations of the SGX-ST and the Singapore Code on Take-Overs and Mergers. We are a leading Independent Financial Adviser to independent Directors of many listed companies on matters relating to interested person transactions and takeover offers.

Provenance Capital is a privately owned company. We are not associated with any financial institutions, which allows us to be independent and unencumbered by any potential conflicts of interest in our role as a financial adviser or independent financial adviser to our clients.

Our company is presently wholly-owned by two Singaporeans namely Dr Tan Boon Wan (Chairman and Non-Executive Director) and Ms Wong Bee Eng (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director).

Led by Ms Wong Bee Eng since February 2007, we aspire to be the trusted adviser and adviser of choice to our clients, which include listed and private companies locally and internationally. She has a wealth of corporate finance experience in established financial institutions in Singapore.

Our work philosophy is simple, yet effective: understand the business, strategise, and assist clients to achieve their objectives. We seek to understand our client's strategy and objectives. We help clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives, develop strategies to enhance shareholder value, and advise clients on their fund raising to meet their growth objectives.

We will avoid situations where our client's interests are in conflict with ours. We are committed to our clients and believe in building long term relationships with them. We have a genuine interest in their businesses and our goal is to help our clients succeed.

Our team of dedicated professionals provides a comprehensive range of corporate finance advisory services which includes initial public offering and listing on the SGX-ST ("IPO"), secondary capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, advisory services for a wide range of corporate actions on reverse takeover, general takeover offers, privatisations, de-listings, interested person transactions, whitewash waivers, special deals and scheme of arrangements as well as continuing sponsorship services to Catalist-listed companies.

In June 2014, we became a Continuing Sponsor to companies listed on the Catalist Board of the SGX-ST, which is a sponsor-supervised board of the SGX-ST to attract fast growing companies to raise capital in Asia. Catalist-listed companies must engage a Sponsor at all times to continue to be listed on the Catalist Board. We have been selective and careful in our approach in taking on sponsorship services of Catalist companies. Since becoming a Continuing Sponsor, we have advised various Catalist-listed companies on their corporate actions.

Our clients and fellow professionals recognise us for our efficient and quality advice and opinions. Through their support, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Financial Advisers and Independent Financial Advisers in the corporate finance industry in Singapore.